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What can you expect after surgery?

Rhinoplasty is a safe operation. Serious complications are very rare. The procedure is not very painful and usually paracetamol (acetaminophen) is sufficient. The skin around the eyes can temporarily swollen and discolored. This is maximum on the second day and disappears after ten days. Most patients resume their daily activities after ten days.


Over a six-week period you should avoid contact sports and the skin of the nose should be protected from excessive sunlight, for this sun-block is sufficient.


One week after the procedure, the nasal splint is removed and you will see the result immediately. At that time the skin of the nose is still slightly swollen. This swelling is not noticeable and disappears in the weeks following the surgery. In this period, the nose becomes more sophisticated and refined. Medical checks will take place after a week, a month, three months and after one year.

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Aesthetic surgery of the nose is no longer a taboo and reachable for everyone. Still, you should realize that it is a medical intervention. If you choose an aesthetic change of your nose then you expect a beautiful and good result. Definitively, the surgery has a great impact on your well-being and function. 

Remember that you will only find technical information on this website. Aesthetic surgery of the nose, however, is pure customization. What methods and possibilities are available in your individual situation, you can best discuss during a personal appointment with doctor Menger, one of the most specialized Rhinoplasty Surgeons today.

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