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Aesthetic surgery of the nose brings the face in harmony

Many people who consider to perform aesthetic surgery of their nose, are hesitant to make the actual step. And that is very understandable. The nose is in the middle of the face and thereby determines both balance and appearance of the entire face. That is precisely why aesthetic surgery of the nose can bring the face in harmony. 

What is aesthetic surgery of the nose or 'Rhinoplasty'? 

Rhinoplasty is an operation in which the shape and/or the function of the nose is improved. As with all forms of plastic surgery: good health and realistic expectations are essential for a successful treatment.


There is no ideal Rhinoplasty. The goal is to optimize the aesthetics of the nose and to bring the nose in harmony with the other structures of the face. Skin type, ethnic background and age play an important role.


During the consultation the structures and construction of your nose, on the outside and internally, will be examined . So, you know exactly what you can expect of a rhinoplasty. Then doctor Menger will explain how the shape and contours of the nose can be customized. Pictures will be made from different viewing angles. 

How is a Rhinoplasty performed?

For minor corrections a local anesthetic may be sufficient. Via internal incisions the nasal bones and cartilages of the nose can be reached. Because these incisions are internal, they are invisible. This "closed" or so-called endonasal approach gives as a rule less swelling and a faster recovery.  

Sometimes a small incision in the skin between both nostrils is made, this is the "open" or external approach. This is done under general anesthesia. The advantage of this method is that the shape of the nose can be adjusted under direct vision, so with more precision and accuracy.

Every curve of the nose, but also the height of the nasal bridge compared to the nasal tip, or the angle between the upper lip and the nose can be balanced very precisely with this external technique. A temporary disadvantage of the external approach is that there can be some more swelling of the skin. Another disadvantage is the scar; Note, however, that this scar is invisible in everyday life. 


The best choice considering for the approach endonasal or external, is different in every situation. In short, there is no "standard ideal approach", therefore choose for a professional who masters both methods. Doctor Menger can provide information about the ideal solution in your individual situation.  

Regardless of the method, bone and cartilage can be removed, added or reallocated in order to create a new structure and shape. For example, the nasal tip can be shortened, extended or refined. The nasal bridge can be made lower, higher, wider, narrower, shorter, longer or straitened.  An adjustment of the angle between the upper lip and the nose for example, can create a younger appearance. After the nasal skeleton is customized the incisions are closed, and the nose packed. A light internal nose dressing provides internal support and prevents hemorrhage. This material can be removed after one day. On the outside a nasal splint will protect the nose, this splint is removed after a week.

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