Note: only for uninsured care

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Menger is currently unable to receive patients.

However, orientation and preparing for
Rhinoplasty is possible


This is how E-Consultion works:

  1. Send an email to info@doktermenger.nl 

  2. Please include your name, telephone number and 3 photos of your face (1 x frontal view, 1 x lateral view and 1x basal view (looking up). 

  3. Please tell us the following information:  
    - How many surgeries have you had? 
    - Who did your surgeries? 
    - When were your surgeries done?
    - Do you have implants in your nose, and what kind?
    - Do you have fillers in your nose, if so what kind
      and when was it placed?
    - What would you like changed about your nose? 

  4. Once Dr. Menger has reviewed your request, information and photos, he will reach out to you regarding his thoughts.


Make an appointment or ask your question

Bergman Kliniek

The most advanced rhinoplastic surgeries are performed in the best private clinic of The Netherlands: Bergman Clinics.


Doctor Menger has a position at the Bergman Clinics in Bilthoven, Amsterdam and Rijswijk (the Hague).


Make an appointment and visit doctor Menger for custom and personal advise and to discuss what rhinoplasty could do for you. Visit the website at www.bergmankliniek.nl