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Aesthetic surgery of the nose brings the face in harmony

Many people who consider to perform aesthetic surgery of their nose, are hesitant to make the actual step. And that is very understandable. The nose is in the middle of the face and thereby determines both balance and appearance of the entire face. That is precisely why aesthetic surgery of the nose can bring the face in harmony. 

Dr. Dirk Jan Menger MD

Rhinoplasty expert | Nasal Surgery

BIG-number: 69048905501


With several hundred rhinoplasties each year Dr. Menger performs the most aesthetical rhinoplasties in the Netherlands. 

Dr. Menger is ENT surgeon and certified facial plastic surgeon. 


Dr. Menger has been working as medical specialist since 2004. He is highly trained in aesthetic nasal surgery, or “rhinoplasty”. Worldwide Dr. Menger is renowned for his expertise in rhinoplasty surgery and his beautiful natural results. 


Every year Dr. Menger organizes an international rhinoplasty course in The Netherlands and he gives lectures on this subject all over the world. Dr. Menger has a PhD degree in surgical techniques of nasal valve surgery and he has published many scientific papers on this topic.  

Experience high quality care. Your rhinoplasty will be customized to your individual needs in order to achieve a balanced and natural looking long-term result.  

Examples of nose corrections

"Dr. Menger is very skilled, friendly and has a listening ear. Medically and aesthetically very satisfied with the result. Aftercare is also excellent. ”

- Anonymous

“If only I had done this years earlier, I am super happy with the beautiful result! My nose is now in perfect harmony with the rest of my face. ”

- Anonymous

“A very nice and honest doctor. Very skilled and professional. On the advice of my doctor I came to Dr. Menger rightly so. So glad I finally made the move. Very happy with the result! ”

- Anonymous

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